Link Up Youth Hub is made up of 3 core team members – the Youth Hub Manager, the Job Centre Work Coach and the Youth Employability Coach. Together, they provide tailored support to young people accessing their service to help them get into or head back to education, training and employment.

Working closely with the Youth Hub Team is the Link Up Leigh Park Team. This team works alongside the hub, local employers, educators and other services to create opportunities for young people with young people.

Youth Hub Manager

Hi, I am Hannah, Youth Hub Manager working with local partners to provide a wraparound service to meet your needs and help you progress to your next step. My day to day is working with young people, organising the hub and making sure everything is running smoothly!

My favourite thing about the role is working with young people to build their confidence and self-belief to support them in reaching their goals.

Youth Hub Employability Coach

Hi, I’m Frankie,  a Youth Hub Employability Coach from Havant Borough Council. I provide young people with 1-2-1  support, advice and guidance on opportunities in Employment, Training and/or Education.

I really enjoy supporting young people to realise their strengths to apply them within a job role that works best for them, helping them achieve their short and long term goals!

Job Centre Plus Work Coach

Hi, I’m Becky, I am a work coach from Havant Job Centre. I work exclusively from the Youth Hub in supporting customers with their Universal Credit claims. Beyond this, I offer 1-to-1 support to our customers for how they want to progress by ensuring they are aware of the current opportunities available to them.

The best thing about my role is helping people to achieve their goals and realise their potential.

Link Up Leigh Park Programme Manager

Hi, I’m Kaitie! I’m leading on the Link Up Leigh Park Programme that works together with other organisations/groups to create opportunities for young people.

The best part about my role is meeting others who are passionate about seeing young people, particularly from Leigh Park, succeed and having a willingness to work together with those young people to truly make that happen.